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From vacant storefronts to vibrant hubs: Revisiting ‘third places’ for urban resilience

In Seattle, city government and the Downtown Seattle Association continue to build on the “Amazon Great Return” through a variety of strategies to reactivate downtown. Increased foot traffic, intriguing office-to-residence retrofit proposals and trends toward park and retail reopening suggest a spirit of renewal. But here’s an old term—”third places”—that can help even more to set the tone for continued recovery, and spur more innovative ideas. | GeekWire

Schizophrenic Perspectives and the Built Environment: The Story of Jacques Besse

In response to the “insipient musicality” of the built environment of a busy intersection in Paris, French composer Jacques Besse stepped out into oncoming traffic. Learn more about the relationship between schizophrenic perspectives and the complexity of urban environments in this English translation of Besse’s work by UW UDP’s own Keith Harris.