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Explore degree programs including our award-winning interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts degree, and a Masters program that prepares students for professional careers as practicing planners. Online programs and Ph.D. tracks offer even more opportunities.


  • Global Collaboration Studying Untold Narratives About Sustainable and Equitable Urban Change

    A new international research partnership aims to spark dialogue and learning through storytelling about sustainable and equitable urban development. Collaborators from five global cities have partnered to shift common practices of how stories of successful urban change are told and who tells them.

  • Creating eco-friendly infrastructure design: Meet Jan Whittington

    Jan Whittington

    “I’m exactly where I want to be.” For associate professor of Urban Design and Planning Jan Whittington, this statement sums up her feelings about being on the faculty of a large public university, doing what she loves, with good opportunities to secure research funding. Read Jan's interview with The Whole U.

  • From vacant storefronts to vibrant hubs: Revisiting ‘third places’ for urban resilience

    In Seattle, city government and the Downtown Seattle Association continue to build on the “Amazon Great Return” through a variety of strategies to reactivate downtown. Increased foot traffic, intriguing office-to-residence retrofit proposals and trends toward park and retail reopening suggest a spirit of renewal. But here’s an old term—”third places”—that can help even more to…

  • Lecture Recap: Planning a Resilient and Equitable Food System

    UDP Lecture: Planning a Resilient and Equitable Food System

    On May 24th, our guest panel described the emerging food systems planning paradigms and how they are infused with values of equity, social justice, and resilience.

  • Q&A: UDP welcomes new faculty member Dylan Stevenson

    Dylan Stevenson

    Learn more about new faculty member, Dylan Stevenson, in this Q&A including his focus on indigenous issues within the built environment and his passion for sewing!

  • Seattle Urban Eco-Evo Research Collaboration Network Workshop

    group photo

    Dr. Marina Alberti recently led the 2023 Seattle Urban Eco-Evo Research Collaboration Network Workshop, hosting a total of 40 in-person and virtual attendees from 25 universities around the globe. The Urban Eco Evo NET is a NSF funded collaboration research network to advance the study and understanding of urban eco-evolutionary dynamics and potential implications for…

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