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From vacant storefronts to vibrant hubs: Revisiting ‘third places’ for urban resilience

In Seattle, city government and the Downtown Seattle Association continue to build on the “Amazon Great Return” through a variety of strategies to reactivate downtown. Increased foot traffic, intriguing office-to-residence retrofit proposals and trends toward park and retail reopening suggest a spirit of renewal. But here’s an old term—”third places”—that can help even more to set the tone for continued recovery, and spur more innovative ideas. | GeekWire

Seattle Urban Eco-Evo Research Collaboration Network Workshop

Dr. Marina Alberti recently led the 2023 Seattle Urban Eco-Evo Research Collaboration Network Workshop, hosting a total of 40 in-person and virtual attendees from 25 universities around the globe. The Urban Eco Evo NET is a NSF funded collaboration research network to advance the study and understanding of urban eco-evolutionary dynamics and potential implications for human and ecological wellbeing.