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Dan Abramson | Lessons Learned from Post-2008 Wenchuan Earthquake Community Recovery


Professor Dan Abramson

Dr. Dan Abramson co- edited a  Special Issue of Natural Hazards (Springer): Lessons Learned from post-2008 Wenchuan Earthquake Community Recovery

“In it, we sought to highlight recent scholarship that reflects on the quality of community-level recovery and community planning processes following one of the largest natural disasters in modern times, which significantly affected one of the world’s great economies. During the first few years following the earthquake, most of the scholarship tended to be descriptive, emphasizing the process of rapid physical reconstruction. In subsequent years, more thoughtful scholarship has begun to emerge regarding community aspects of the recovery process, but little of this has been available to international audiences. This collection of papers is our attempt to help address this need.” – Rob Olshansky