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Bob Mugerauer | Decision Making


Dr. Bob Mugerauer has completed work that brings to fruition much of his research conducted over the last ten years on health, and well-being. Specifically, problems concerning decision-making in the professions cover not only the environmental disciplines and practices but also health care and medical clinical practice. Joining many European and American physicians and nurses—especially a group of Scandinavian nurses—recent work conceptually clarifies and critiques excessive claims of positivistic medicine that would minimize the roles of judgment and experiential understanding.

His forthcoming essays will appear in the major Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice in three parts. The editors have made an unprecedented decision to publish the 30,000 word document in successive issues: Professional Judgment in Clinical Practice: part 1: recovering original, moderate evidence-based health care; part 2: Knowledge into Practice; part 3: a better alternative to strong Evidence-Based Medicine. The work has been triple refereed, with a final editorial evaluation as “being a strongoverview of the debates and a significant contribution to the literature.”

Congruent with this, he has been elected a “Distinguished Fellow” to the UK Society for Person-Centered Healthcare. This brings an invitation to publish next work in the European Journal for Person Centered Healthcare” and participate actively in the Society’s Conferences.