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MIPM Online Graduate Degree


The Master of Infrastructure Planning and Management (MIPM) program is a fully accredited online master degree program that provides professionals throughout the nation with an understanding of infrastructure systems and how to make them more resilient to break-down, whether caused by terrorist acts, extreme natural events, climate change or normal accidents.

Learn to mitigate all types of hazards through courses that include emergency management, business continuity and policy analysis. Our curriculum blends strategic planning and systems theory, making it unique from programs that only teach conventional emergency management methods.

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Distinctive features of the program include:

  • In-depth courses on specific vital infrastructure systems, such as water, food, energy and communications.
  • Instruction in systems thinking/systems analysis.
  • Case-based and problem-based instruction that focuses on strategic thinking and leadership skills.
  • Examination of key infrastructure system elements using methods such as advanced geospatial analysis, epidemiology and risk assessment.
  • Comprehensive examination of hazards, from climate change to cyberterrorism.
  • The MIPM program is guided by an advisory board of UW faculty and professionals in the field.

Floodplain Management Degree Option

The Master of Infrastructure Planning & Management now offers a degree option in Floodplain Management, allowing students to earn their master’s with a focus on the study of coastal and riverine floodplain management. This 45-credit degree program lasts 18 months and launches with its first student cohort in summer 2016.

Flooding is an extremely daunting and costly challenge facing society, with the effects of global climate change intensifying these challenges. There is high demand for professionals with specific training in designing and implementing preventative and corrective measures that address floodplain issues.

Graduates of this program will receive a University of Washington diploma which lists the degree as “Master of Infrastructure Planning and Management.” The name of the degree option is not indicated on the diploma. The official UW transcript for graduates of this option will show the degree as “Master of Infrastructure Planning and Management (Flood Risk).”

Visit the MIPM page for more information about the Floodplain Management Degree Here

Career Information

This degree is useful to individuals working in government agencies at the local and national scale, the military (whether as serving officers or as civilians), and consulting firms. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of our program, you will gain big-picture knowledge for planning processes and policy, develop creativity for solving problems, and work with diverse teams.

The skills taught in the MIPM program lend well to positions with a wide range of public and private sector organizations dealing with issues such as:

  • Emergency management
  • Disaster preparedness
  • Public health
  • Security
  • Infrastructure planning, management and protection
  • Law enforcement


MIPM is one of three Masters Degrees in the greater University of Washington (Seattle, Tacoma, Bothell) currently awarded grants for
generous scholarships to individuals interested in careers in information assurance and cybersecurity, with the NSF CyberCorps Scholarship for Service (SFS) program.

For more information about the SFS program, please visit the CyberCorps Scholarship for Service page at the National Science Foundation (NSF) page.


Program Contact

Karen Fishler
Program Coordinator,
Master of Infrastructure Planning and Management Program

(206) 685-6447

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