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Resilience and Asian Urbanism | A Collaborative Workshop


This joint workshop between the Center for Asian Urbanism and the UW faculty cluster for Resilience in the Built Environment highlights the UW’s capacities to apply cultural context-specific expertise to problems of urbanization across the Pacific. Preceding the 75th Anniversary conference of the Association for Asian Studies in Seattle (March 31-April 3, 2016), the UW Workshop on Resilience and Asian Urbanism gathers a unique group of leading scholar-professional-activists to inspire and facilitate creative and fundable long-term partnerships in both research and action. Cases and discussions of indigeneity and place-based resilience, water-sensitive urbanization, and new urban-rural relations will highlight the mutual relevance of expertise in global-area studies and the professional built-environmental disciplines; explore the potential for border-crossing applications of experience; and suggest new linkages within the university.

Sponsored by the UW College of Built Environments Dean’s faculty cluster funding for Asian Urbanism and Resilience in the Built Environment; the UW Jackson School of International Studies and East Asia Center; and the Confucius Institute of Washington.

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