Climate Migration | Carlos Martin

Spring Quarter 2022

Climate change’s effects are already being realized globally and across the US–including in Washington State. These effects manifest in specific events like the recent wildfires in Okanogan and Douglas Counties and in longer-term, chronic changes like the Pacific Northwest’s heat wave last summer and slow-onset sea-level rise along the coast. All these effects are making some places less habitable, forcing residents to leave temporarily or, in some cases, permanently. But where do they go and how? What awaits them as they evacuate, move, or migrate? Are there programs or policies in place to provide support and protection?

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Karen Parolek

Winter Quarter 2022

The UW Department of Urban Design and Planning and the Professionals Council are pleased to present, “Missing Middle Housing,” a virtual lecture by Karen Parolek, Co-Founder and Principal, Opticos Design, Inc.

Thursday, February 24, 2022 6:00 PM-7:30 PM PT

This is the second in our 2021/2022 lecture series highlighting important topics in planning.

Karen Parolek, co-founder and Principal at Opticos Design, is a passionate advocate for diverse, equitable, walkable and bikeable communities, user-centered design thinking and impact-driven business.

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Past Lectures and Events

Past Lectures and Events