"New Urban Disruptors – Beyond Vancouverism”
A Conversation with Larry Beasley, C.M, BA, MA, Hon LLD, FCIP, RPP

Nov 2 2021

“New Urban Disruptors – Beyond Vancouverism”
A Conversation with Larry Beasley, C.M.

During its pervasive inner-city transformation at the turn of the century, Vancouver was at the cutting edge of urbanist invention and innovation. As Chief Planner, Larry Beasley had a pivotal role in this transformation. The outcomes of his efforts were profound, popular, and a marked shift towards progressive sustainability.

Larry’s approaches were instrumental in bringing liveability, affordability, and socially minded infrastructure to urban families across income brackets in Vancouver’s city core. Today, you will find the rare sight of children populating urban parks, public spaces, and places in that city’s downtown. Larry’s book “Vancouverism”, documents the essential elements necessary for such success.

Although his basic concepts still hold, the pandemic continues to challenge our confidence in city centers. In most instances, our global scourge has amplified the pre-Covid problems of urban equity, affordable living, and climate change. This new normal has created both new insights and confusion.

Even in normal times, cities adapt to reflect the pressures and offerings of their day, but so much of this change remains accidental. In this unique moment how could we deliberately build much needed resilience into the DNA of our cities? Alternatively, should we reconcile to working with conditions that are more powerful than human will?

This conversation with Larry explores how cities can embrace both these positive and negative disrupters. He will share his take on both lessons and cautions. Larry will also explore how we might integrate new possibilities and mitigate distortions.

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